Typically 1 hour in length it ultimately depends on need each individual horse.  1st visit may be up to 2 hours to thoroughly discuss history and get overall image of where the horse is holding tension.   

I will work wherever the horse is most comfortable.  I often work in their stall  or in a quiet area of the barn.  The technique works best with minimal distractions.  It is best if your horse has already eaten before the session and do not have access to hay or treats.

A regular schedule of training massages will keep you aware of new soreness or restrictions.  This is valuable insight that you can discuss with all professionals surrounding your horses care.  


Single Session (Apprx. 1hr)                                                  $115

First Session (longer session gathering history                      $145

Barn call fee may apply when outside normal territory & may be shared by multiple clients on one visit.

Please call/text or email for details 617-842-5405 mrsverre@hotmail.com