Marrying my athletic experience & knowledge to my passion for horses, has opened a new door and an opportunity to do something I truly love. 

I look forward to working with you in achieving the goals you have in mind for you and your horse!

-Jennifer Verre

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As a runner I am intimately aware of the importance of a "body in motion". Without regular bodywork I could never continue at the pace I do today.  

I love owning and showing American Saddlebreds. But when questions came up regarding my own horse, I began researching not simply to treat the symptoms, but rather, find the true cause.    I went out seeking to become a better owner and found something I truly love.

Equine massage, Massachusetts
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Jennifer is a Certified Practitioner of The Masterson Method ® offering equine bodywork options that give owners, trainers and equine professionals valued insight, gathered and recorded through each session.  She  assists  clients achieve sound long lasting results, by delivering knowledge to the professionals that surround their daily care. Each hands-on experience with clients is a push towards achieving their horses best body in motion.